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Figuring out your insurance coverage can be difficult.  At Hillmann Pediatric Therapy we will work with you to help you navigate and understand what your coverage may cover.  While we expect each client to call their insurance and verify benefits, we also work with you on this to help you navigate and understand your coverage.  It is the client's responsibility to understand their benefits.

Front Office Personnel


Before your child can begin services, we will need a prescription from your doctor with an appropriate diagnosis code. Once this is received, our Front Office Administrators will contact your insurance to obtain benefits and coverage.  They will go over this information with you prior to services starting.  It is our patient's responsibility to also ensure that the information is correct.  Many times insurance companies will give us generic benefits, and they never guarantee the information that is given to us

Billing Department

Our billing department is here to help!   For each date of service, you should receive an Explanation of Benefits (EOB).  We also receive this EOB.  We will post payments and adjustments to each date of service and then bill our clients for anything that is deemed your responsibility. 

If you are covered by more than one insurance carrier, we will work to coordinate benefits with the two insurance companies.  This may require more paperwork (depending on your insurance…)

After  billing the insurance company for a date of service, we will work with them for 120 days to try and reconcile any payments, questions, and requests for information.  After 120 days, the cost associated with the date in question will become the responsibility of the client. 

Insurance companies will and do respond to clients quicker and much better than to us. 

Hillmann Pediatric Billing Department can be reached at (815) 730-1800.

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