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Therapies focus on promoting skill development to support children in engaging in every day activities at home, in the community and at school.  A child's earliest years are filled with new stimulations and novel experiences that drive his or her cognitive, social, and physical growth. The first 3 years of life are a critical time for brain development, especially if a child is having difficulty meeting  developmental milestones. If a child needs support to develop optimally, Hillmann Pediatric Therapy can help!


Occupational Therapy

Pediatric occupational therapy helps a child to reach goals and developmental milestones that improve their daily lives. Teaching a child to adapt to sensory differences, improve upon their play skills, assist in becoming more independent with self-care and feeding routines are important roles of an occupational therapist.  They also assist children in improving their visual motor and fine motor control for greater success in writing, scissor cutting and manpulting fasteners on clothing. 

Consider occupational therapy if your child is having difficulty with:

  • Self/emotional regulation

  • Learning to play and interact with toys appropriately

  • Completing activities of daily living (ADL) including dressing and feeding

  • Writing or scissor cutting due to poor fine motor skills. 

Physical Therapy

Pediatric physical therapy helps a child reach their maximum potential within any environment including home, school and community.  The focus is on improving a child's gross motor skills by addressing deficits in range of motion strength, coordination and overall endurance.

Consider physical therapy if your child is having difficulty with:

  • Strength

  • Balance

  • Coordination

  • Motor control 

  • Muscle tightness in infancy (Torticollis)

  • Walking/Running

  • Climbing on a jungle gym at the park

  • Coordinating movements to participate in age appropriate sports programs.

Speech Therapy


Pediatric speech therapy assists your child in improving their ability to talk and use other language skills.  The focus is to help your child express their wants and needs as well as understand what others are saying to them.  Teaching a child to effectively communicate with adults and same age peers would be an outcome in speech therapy.   It ultimately, assists children in using communication and language skill sets to build and foster lifelong relationships. 


Another area addressed in Speech and Language Therapy is oral motor control.  These skills are needed for communication as well as for eating safely and efficiently.


Consider Speech and Language Therapy if your child is having difficulty with:

  • Communicating /Articulating their wants and needs

  • Making Specific Sounds

  • Feeding/Oral Motor Control

  • Stuttering

  • Building Relationships with Peers


Philosphy of Therapy

It is our goal to provide our services in a fun, empathetic , non-threatening manner. Parents and caregivers are encouraged to stay, observe and ask questions.  Parents and caregivers are an integral part of the of a child's team therefore, goals are established with regular caregiver input and feedback. 







Diagnoses We Treat

Autism Spectrum Disorder

Developmental Delay

Sensory Processing Disorder

Down Syndrome


Childhood Apraxia of Speech


Cerebral Palsy

Expressive or Receptive Language Delay

Idiopathic Toe Walking


Early Intervention


Hillmann Pediatric Therapy works with Illinois  Early Intervention to provide services both in clinic and in the home.  To find out more about early intervention please click  on the blocks below to be brought to the Early Intervention Site. 

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To access the Early Intervention Newsletter - Click the image below!

early intervention newsletter
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